At The Red Barn Inn, we speak “Dog”.

Dogs communicate quite effectively, letting you know that they have needs to be met. Our guests receive constant human attention all day long from a caring staff. At the end of the day, each overnight guest relaxes in a reserved personal bedroom, complete with heated floors, a raised bed, and cozy blankets. They will have access to water at all times, to remain well hydrated, and listen to the sounds of soothing music all night long to encourage pleasant dreams.

Daytime activities start early for all our guests, weather for boarding or daycare. Some time in one of the outdoor play yards to stretch their legs and greet the day, and then breakfast is served to our overnight guests in their private bedrooms. By 9:30 A.M. our guests have arrived for the day and  everyone is participating in group socialization. They are allowed to play in groups and have the freedom to move from the living room to the play yard at their choosing, always under a watchful eye.

By late morning, just about everyone chooses to rest up a bit!

We’ve tried to create a home away from home.

Our staff  enjoy their jobs!  We know all our guests by name and recognize their personalities.  We enjoy getting to know them individually and bond with them while they are in our care.

Your pet needs reassurance of love and affection which we constantly provide.

Because we are a “non-traditional” facility, all canine guests in our care must be well socialized and comfortable around groups of dogs. Non-social or aggressive dogs will not be admitted. We can suggest other local, traditional kennels or pet sitters that would better suit a dog with those needs. We reserve the right to refuse accommodating un-neutered dogs over one year of age.


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The Red Barn Inn requires a copy of your pets vaccination records, updated yearly. Each canine guest must have the following vaccinations:

• Rabies      • Parvo/Distemper

• Bordetella    • Canine Influenza

All pets must arrive flea free. Upon inspection at arrival, we reserve the right to bathe and treat pets with fleas at the owners expense.
All dogs must be on leash or carried in arms when entering or leaving the facility.