Must be current with Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordeltella, and Canine Influenza Vaccinations.
Necessary paperwork must be signed and on file here at the Red Barn Inn.

We accept puppies over the age of twelve weeks
New guests will participate in a 6 visit trial period. At the end of that time, we will discuss together if your pup can be added to the permanent daycare roster.
All dogs must be leashed or carried in when coming to The Red Barn Inn.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept new guests who are over one year of age and are un-neutered into our program.

Reservations for daycare are first come, first serve, or you may set up a weekly reoccurring schedule. Call today to check for daily availability.
All guests must be on leash or carried in arms when entering or leaving the facility. Guests must wear a collar for safety while participating in daycare; chain, choke, or studded collars are not permitted, and harnesses will be removed during play. We suggest no plastic type tags attached to collars as these break off quite easily during play.

Safety of all the guests in our care is our #1 priority. To ensure this, we have a Zero Tolerance Policy for dogs that display aggression. If your dog shows or engages in an act of aggression, they will be removed from group play until you are able to pick them up. Your dog will also not be allowed back into the Red Barn Inn’s program. We understand that disagreements and scuffles do happen, however injury caused to another guest will not be tolerated.

Daycare Logistics:

  • Check In Monday-Saturday 7-9am, 12 Noon
  • Check Out Monday -Saturday 12 Noon & 3:30-5:30
  • *Saturday Daycare is by appointment only.*


  • $15 half day
  • $23 full day
  • $34.50 full day for two dogs
  • 5 consecutive days allows you to participate in the fifth day of play for free!


How do I know if Daycare is right for my dog?

Daycare can be a great opportunity to socialize your young puppy, give others an outlet for proper exercise and stimulate their minds. It can also help them gain confidence, especially for the shy or sensitive dog.

It is a great and fun alternative to leaving the pup home alone. Keep in mind that Daycare may not be the best option for dogs who have:
-High separation anxiety     -Geriatric or have Medical Conditions     -Reactive dogs     -Un-neutered males over one year of age
-Older dogs that were not properly socialized in their younger years
*Here is a great article to read when considering daycare, “How to Know”.

What do I bring for my dog for daycare?

Your four legged friend who is ready to play! If they are a young dog who is eating a midday meal, send a small, pre-measured amount when you drop off. If they participate in daycare frequently, you can send a small Tupperware container for the week.

Can my dog get hurt playing in daycare?

Just like children who play on playgrounds in daycare or at school can get hurt from time to time, dogs playing with each other can get hurt too. Dogs play with their mouths and paws and like to wrestle around on the ground with each other. Because of our screening process and small setting, injuries are not the norm. If injuries do occur, you (not The Red Barn Inn) are responsible for any medical expenses for your dog, as you would be for a child. You need to be sure that you are comfortable with this before allowing your dog to participate in group play.

Can my pet be groomed/bathed while staying at The Red Barn Inn?

Yes, appointments must be scheduled in advance to ensure availability. You have the choice of participating in a half day of daycare, then having your pup bathed at the end of the day before pickup, ensuring they go home tired, but clean and fresh.